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At the core of all organizing must be an uncorrupted and authentic love for community. Tiger has lived, worked, and organized in the 6th Ward all his life. That’s why 6th Warders are choosing him – he’s one of us.


Environmental Justice

Tiger's career as an organizer started in the fight for environmental justice for everyone. A co-author of the Minnesota Green New Deal, he will be a champion for a cleaner 6th Ward: now, and for future generations. 



  1. Support the creation of an East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm.

  2. Support the People’s Climate & Equity Plan.

  3. Work to shutdown the HERC incinerator in Downtown Minneapolis.


Public Safety

6th Warders demand that when they dial 9-1-1, someone answers who can give them the help they deserve. While public safety should be reformed, it should also be ready to go to work for residents in need of assistance. 


  1. Support increasing funds to alternative public safety measures (i.e., Mental health workers, street outreach teams.) 

  2. Work to eliminate hour-long response times to 911 calls in Ward 6. My office will track data across the city to ensure calls are being responded to fairly. 

  3. Work to emphasize reform behind closed doors during contract negotiations. 


Affordable, Quality Housing for All

Tiger believes that housing is a fundamental right for all. As the city councilman for Ward 6 Tiger will work to make it as accessible as possible to every resident, no matter where they currently sleep.



  1. Support rent control. Work to Implement a 3% cap on rent because that’s what the voters of Minneapolis approved on ballot question 3. 

  2. Ensuring a maintenance of quality within public housing. Many residents living in public housing deal with their concerns/needs falling on deaf ears.

  3. Implementation of rehabilitation program for unhoused/encampment residents through rapidly increasing public housing stock. 



As the population of our city continues to grow promoting a wide array of transportation options is vital. 



  1. Support 24/7 bus lanes along Hennepin Ave. 

  2. Support increasing bike lanes throughout the entire city.

  3. Support restoration efforts with relation to various aspects of our light rail. Making sure that riders have a consistently safe and clean experience.

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